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About Dixi Health

What treatments do we provide in Istanbul?

  • Obesity Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Hair Transplant
  • Dental Treatment
  • Eye Laser
weight loss turkey

Achieve your weight loss goals in Istanbul – Turkey with a team of qualified and experienced bariatric surgeons. Our weight loss treatment packages leave you with nothing to worry about from treatment plan to hotel and flight reservations.

gastric sleeve turkey

Lose those last few inches and reach your ideal weight with a wide range of weight loss treatments available with us. Our doctors and team members take care of every aspect from pre-surgery to post-surgery care to nutritional advice right from industry experts. We customize plans according to your specific weight loss goals and other preferences.

nose surgery turkey

A beautiful nose speaks for itself and gives your face the elegance you have always wished for. We have qualified plastic surgeons on board with specific expertise in Rhinoplasty. Our team is committed to providing you with the best options for your beauty and health needs.

breast augmentation turkey

Well-rounded and shapely breasts help enhance the beauty of your body. Our doctors are board-certified and specialists in breast surgery and other aesthetic surgeries. We aid you in realizing your health and beauty goals in the best way possible.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Dixi Health has solely been performing
hair transplant procedures and offering hair treatments.

Dental Treatment in Istanbul

Dixi Health in Istanbul. You are in good hands,
when you are looking for neat and healthy teeth.

Eye Laser Treatment in Istanbul

Our mission is provide best Lasik Surgery experience in istanbul for our patients with reasonable prices without hidden costs.

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