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Dixi Health: We are here to add value to your health!

One of the most valuable assets in human life is health. As Dixi Health, we care about your health and provide health tourism services in Istanbul. Enjoy world-class health services while discovering the unique beauties of Istanbul.

We work with the most reputable hospitals and specialized doctors in Turkey. We offer healthcare services at international standards by cooperating with our reliable partners in your treatment process.

We also organize health fair tours.

In Turkey, we provide comprehensive health services to our clients. From facilitating your travel arrangements to hospitalization, we prioritize your well-being. Our services include connecting you with highly qualified doctors and arranging hospital or clinic admissions. Experience stomach, eye, aesthetic, hair transplant and many other surgeries in Turkey with Dixi Health.

Why Should You Trust Dixi Health?

Our corporate structure based on strong ethical values allows us to adopt an approach that prioritizes patient satisfaction. At DixiHealth, we support our patients in securing their health by providing transparent, reliable and personalized services.

Working with an experienced and specialized team, we remain committed to doing our best to provide the best healthcare experience for each of our patients. Trust in Dixi Health means adding value to your health and making a reliable choice in health tourism in Istanbul.

Healthcare in Istanbul

Healthcare in Istanbul

Healthcare services in Turkey are highly developed and Istanbul has become one of the most preferred cities. Istanbul is an excellent destination that offers great opportunities for many people coming from abroad. With its history, culture, natural beauties and many modern facilities, Istanbul welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world. It is not surprising that Istanbul is one of the preferred destinations for health tourism. Thanks to DixiHealth’s convenient and comprehensive health packages, you can get the treatment you want in Istanbul and enjoy cultural activities afterward.


Health tourism in Istanbul has reached its global peak with its modern hospitals, specialized doctors and comprehensive health services. The city is one of the key regions for health tourism and offers visitors a unique experience in health. Discovering healthcare amenities in Istanbul is a journey into a world of medical expertise and exceptional patient care services. The city boasts specialist doctors who provide unparalleled expertise in various fields.

Medical tourism in Istanbul combines with the city’s rich culture to offer patients a unique chance for treatment. Healthcare services in Istanbul have advantages compared to many other cities around the world. The high level of education of doctors in Turkey, the attention they show to their patients, and the use of state-of-the-art medical methods attract patients from abroad. Add to this the presence of Istanbul and it becomes an unmissable choice.

Istanbul is the city with the largest population in Turkey and therefore offers all kinds of vital opportunities. Its geographical location, connecting Europe and Asia, sets it apart from all other cities in the world. Whether you are coming from Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas, Istanbul is the common meeting point of the whole world. In a city that attracts so much attention, you can be sure that the medical treatment you will receive is reliable. After receiving comprehensive treatment, you will return home with peace of mind.

DixiHealth will plan your flight and get you to Istanbul safely. Once you arrive in Istanbul, DixiHealth will introduce you to the specialist doctors who have already arranged with you the medical treatment you need. Here, you will undergo diagnostic pre-treatments and then receive the necessary medical services.

The treatment methods used will be adjusted according to your doctor’s recommendations and your needs. After medical surgeries, there will of course be a need for a recovery period. For this recovery process, a place is arranged for you in the most beautiful accommodation points in Istanbul. You will feel that you are special while experiencing your recovery process in comfort. And of course, one of the most beautiful rewards at the end of this process will be Istanbul.

DixiHealth offers you consultancy to make your time in Istanbul productive. If you want to discover the spirit of the city and make your time here unforgettable, you can trust DixiHealth.

Healthcare in Turkey

Healthcare in Turkey

Turkey stands out in health tourism with its strong healthcare infrastructure. Turkey’s cultural identity also plays a role in this.  Turkey has achieved great recognition in the health sector with its state-of-the-art hospitals, well-trained specialist doctors and comprehensive medical services. This success in health tourism has transcended national borders and made Turkey a global destination. The Turkish cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya are the main destinations for health tourism. Istanbul’s historical charm, Ankara’s modern face and Antalya’s unique holiday destination…

Istanbul’s historical charm, Ankara’s modern face and Antalya’s unique holiday destination offer different options for tourists.

Turkey’s prominence in health tourism can be summarized by its comprehensive healthcare system with state-of-the-art hospitals and skilled medical professionals. Turkey’s health technologies are internationally recognized with various certifications. Turkey offers the latest surgical procedures, post-treatment care, follow-up sessions and high-end hotel accommodations. In addition to all these health services, you can also find time to explore the most beautiful spots of the city. Turkey stands out among many European and American countries in recent years.

Turkey offers a comprehensive health service to its patients coming from abroad. Comprehensive health packages include the best clinics and hospitals, the most relevant doctors. Painless treatment and comfortable accommodations are also in this package.

The most common answer to the question of why should I choose health tourism in Turkey is good service and low cost. If you want to receive world-class treatment and have more affordable medical expenses in return, you can benefit from health services in Turkey. Dental, aesthetic, hair transplantation and many other surgeries in Turkey have a much lower cost compared to Europe and America. Turkey is preferred to get cheap and quality healthcare services. You can keep medical expenses low in Turkey. You can add the beauty of the country to your health travels.

Going on a medical tourism trip to Turkey is complemented by a solid health insurance coverage. The availability of comprehensive coverage ensures that medical expenses are well covered. Providing a sense of security for individuals undergoing various medical treatments in the country.

There are also many conveniences awaiting you in Turkey for healthcare. A comprehensive benefits package is available for patients in Turkey. Offering a wide range of medical treatments and rich in culture, Turkey is a unique option for people.

After the medical treatment process, you should pay close attention to your health. You can get the best of this need and care in Turkey. A recovery process is required after each surgery. In addition to a painless recovery, feeling peaceful will reflect positively on your psychology. Thanks to the packages offered by DixiHealth, you can stay in the best places after your treatment. You can experience the good rest and rejuvenation you need in comfortable hotels. And go to doctor’s visits with transfer services.

At the end of your treatment and recovery, you can spend a pleasant time in the city and discover new places. After your medical treatment, it will be very good for you to spend a pleasant time in such a beautiful country. Turkey is a country that offers the best opportunities to all kinds of tourists. Thousands of people from dozens of countries come to Turkey every year for health tourism. The biggest reason why Turkey is so preferred in health tourism is that it offers a quality health service together with its hospitality and cultural points.

Embrace the journey to better health in Turkey, where healthcare excellence meets enriching experiences by choosing DixiHealth.

obesity surgery turkey cost

Dixi Health offers specialized obesity surgery to individual health needs. Our skilled surgeons conduct thorough evaluations to determine the most suitable procedure.

The packages include pre-operative assessments, surgery by experienced specialists, and personalized post-operative care plans.

We are committed to providing efficient, professional, and caring solutions for those seeking effective obesity management through surgical interventions.
Bariatric surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, helps patients achieve significant and sustained weight loss. It aims to reduce the stomach size or reorient the digestive system.

With Dixi Health, bariatric surgery in Turkey offers advantages such as access to experienced surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities and low cost.
Our comprehensive bariatric surgery packages start with pre-operative evaluations.

It ensures that each patient receives a customized solution. Dixi Health’s packages also include post-operative rest and travel plans. These plans are designed to support patients through the recovery process, promoting optimal outcomes and long-term well-being.

plastic surgeries facelift surgery turkey

Discover plastic surgery solutions with Dixi Health, where experienced Turkish surgeons prioritize your aesthetic goals. Our packages cover a range of procedures.

Our packages cover a range of procedures from consultation to post-operative care.

We offer professionalism and dedicated support to ensure a seamless experience and optimal results. Dixi Health guides you to the best plastic surgery services by focusing on your preferences and satisfaction.

At Dixi Health, we provide services for many types of plastic surgery. You can choose us to have plastic surgery in Turkey. Turkey’s reputation and success in plastic surgery has always been good. Therefore, choosing Turkey to have an aesthetic procedure should give you confidence. You can also visit the attractions of Istanbul after the surgery.

Dixi Health provides services for rhinoplasty, almond eye surgery, chin surgery, mommy makeover, body lift, aesthetic skin lift procedures and countless other procedures. You can also read our detailed articles to examine the surgical processes and the situation in Turkey.

hair transplant

Dixi Health mediates its patients in the field of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a sought-after solution for those who want to solve the hair loss problem.

Turkey, the world leader in hair transplantation, is a preferred destination for this procedure. Hair loss is a very common condition in adult men. Hair transplantation is preferred for both a beautiful appearance and self-confidence. Effective and fast surgical methods are applied in hair transplantation. Turkey, including the latest technologies in hair transplantation procedures, applies the most suitable surgeries for the needs of people.

Dixi Health offers comprehensive services throughout the hair transplant journey. Pre-operative consultations are conducted in light of individual needs. Your hair transplant surgery is performed smoothly by Turkey’s skilled specialists. Hotel accommodations are offered for good care and recovery after hair transplantation.

dental filling turkey istanbul

You can get the smile of your dreams in Turkey with the packages offered by Dixi Health.  We offer a package ranging from routine checkups to advanced procedures.

You can get the smile of your dreams in Turkey with the packages offered by Dixi Health.  We offer a package ranging from routine checkups to advanced procedures with experienced Turkish dentists. Our packages go beyond basic dental treatments to include teeth whitening, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry (pedodontics), periodontics, implants and Hollywood smile.

You can get the smile of your dreams in Turkey with the packages offered by Dixi Health.  We offer a package ranging from routine checkups to advanced procedures with experienced Turkish dentists. Our packages go beyond basic dental treatments to include teeth whitening, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry (pedodontics), periodontics, implants and Hollywood smile.

Turkey is a major destination for dental procedures. Our packages prioritize professionalism and personalized care. They include in-depth consultation, state-of-the-art treatments and meticulous follow-up care. Benefit from our dental health solutions tailored to your health needs and aesthetic expectations.

eye laser treatment costs in turkey

Let us plan your laser eye treatments with DixiHealth, where the latest technology meets affordability and safety.  Turkey’s competence in laser eye procedures is widely recognized.

Experience eye doctors are well-trained specialists. At DixiHealth, we offer low laser surgery fees without compromising on quality.

Discover the reliability of eye laser treatments in Turkey with Dixi Health. Our services include a variety of procedures such as LASIK, PRK, Lens Implant and the advanced Relex Smile technique. Each type of treatment meets specific vision correction needs, providing personalized solutions for our patients.

DixiHealth’s services range from pre-operative consultations to post-operative care. It provides a hassle-free experience for those seeking better vision. With its affordability and eye laser expertise, Turkey is an ideal destination. It is our mission to ensure optimal results and patient satisfaction. Discover Istanbul after a short eye laser surgery and recovery period. So that your first memories with your eyes that can see well will be in the most beautiful city.

Dixi Health FAQ's

Absolutely! Turkey has a solid healthcare infrastructure, skilled doctors and advanced technologies. Affordability combined with the allure of cultural richness makes Turkey an excellent choice for medical tourism.

Yes, you can combine your medical treatments with travel plans. Dixi Health offers unique packages that allow you to travel around Istanbul. Explore the rich culture and historical wonders of Istanbul while receiving world-class healthcare services. Our packages integrate your treatments with travel, ensuring a fulfilling and memorable experience.

Yes, Turkey offers low prices for high-quality medical treatments.  It is an attractive and cost-effective destination for healthcare. Turkey offers low fees for medical treatments and also offers many advantages. You can arrange travel according to your schedule before or after medical procedures. After your medical treatment in Istanbul, you can visit the city.

DixiHealth’s comprehensive health packages cover every aspect of your medical journey in Turkey. Our packages include meticulous pre-operative consultations, high-level surgical interventions, post-operative care, hotel accommodations and hassle-free transfer services.

Dixi Health takes care of all aspects of your medical journey, including travel arrangements. Our dedicated team ensures smooth coordination for your trip to Turkey. Plan your flights and organize your transfers. Dixi Health is your trusted partner in facilitating the travel experience for medical treatment.

The choice of city depends on your preferences. Istanbul with its historical charm, Izmir with its modernity and Antalya with its unique holiday atmosphere offer excellent medical facilities. Dixi Health offers healthcare services in Istanbul. It is one of the most beautiful and well-developed cities in the country. At the junction of Asia and Europe, you can discover the most beautiful Bosphorus view. Choose Dixi Health to enrich your health experience in Istanbul.

Dixi Health collaborates with highly qualified and experienced doctors in Istanbul to provide first-class medical care for patients.

Our doctors provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth recovery after your return to your country. Our commitment to your health extends beyond borders.

Trent Topic FAQ's

weight loss turkey

Achieve your weight loss goals in Istanbul – Turkey with a team of qualified and experienced bariatric surgeons. Our weight loss treatment packages leave you with nothing to worry about from treatment plan to hotel and flight reservations.

gastric sleeve turkey

Our doctors and team members take care of every aspect from pre-surgery to post-surgery care to nutritional advice right from industry experts. We customize plans according to your specific weight loss goals and other preferences.

nose surgery turkey

A beautiful nose speaks for itself and gives your face the elegance you have always wished for. We have qualified plastic surgeons on board with specific expertise in Rhinoplasty. Our team is committed to providing you.

Breast Augmentation Turkey

Well-rounded and shapely breasts help enhance the beauty of your body. Our doctors are board-certified and specialists in breast surgery and other aesthetic surgeries. We aid you in realizing your health and beauty goals.

Plastic Surgeries in Turkey

Turkey offers a wide range of benefits and perks, particularly if you are coming for medical treatment.

Obesity Surgeries in Istanbul

Obesity surgery is a treatment method in which surgical procedures aimed at weight loss are performed on individuals who are excessively overweight.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Dixi Health has solely been performing
hair transplant procedures and offering hair treatments.

Dental Treatment in Istanbul

Dixi Health in Istanbul. You are in good hands,
when you are looking for neat and healthy teeth.

Eye Laser Treatment in Istanbul

Our mission is provide best Lasik Surgery experience in istanbul for our patients with reasonable prices without hidden costs.

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