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Difference Between Gastric Balloon vs Laparoscopic Surgery

Gastric Balloon vs Laparoscopic Surgery

Table of Contents

Gastric Balloon

Procedure: Placed in the stomach endoscopically, the gastric balloon reduces food intake.
Non-Surgical: No surgery required; placed and removed endoscopically.
Criteria: Less strict than surgery, suitable for those avoiding surgery.
Temporary: Typically temporary; long-term weight loss depends on lifestyle changes.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Procedure: Involves small stomach incisions; promotes permanent weight loss.
Permanent: Offers more lasting results by altering stomach size or digestion.
Recovery: Longer recovery time compared to the balloon procedure.
Criteria: Requires stricter criteria, suitable for specific health conditions or BMI levels.

The choice between them depends on individual factors like health, obesity level, and lifestyle preferences. Consulting a healthcare professional is important to decide the best option.