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Abdominal Muscle Surgery in Turkey

Abdominal Muscle Surgery
Female Abdominal Treatment

Six-pack surgery or

Female belly etching

is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the aesthetics of a woman's abdomen. This surgery removes excess fat from the abdomen for better muscle definition. It reveals hidden abdominal muscles by removing excess fat cells. Just like men, women are also trying to reduce their waist size. Changes in female hormones make it more difficult to lose weight around the belly.

Abdominal etching for men

Male tummy tuck

or six pack surgery is a procedure that improves the contour and appearance of the abdomen. Due to the six pack abs fitness trend, trimmed abs are especially popular and common among men. This surgery removes excess fat from the abdomen and sculpts and tightens the abdominal muscles. Cauterizing the abdomen reveals the muscles hidden beneath the layer of fat cells in the abdomen. Many men find it difficult to lose belly fat no matter how hard they work out in the gym and how much weight they lose.

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