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Abdominal Muscle Surgery in Istanbul / Turkey

abdominal muscle surgery
female abdominal treatment

Female Abdominal Etching

Six-pack surgery or abdominal etching for women is a cosmetic procedure to enhance a woman’s abdominal aesthetics. The surgery helps remove extra fat from the abdomen for better muscle definition. It works on bringing the hidden abdominal muscles to the surface by removing the excessive fat cells. Women too, just like men, struggle with losing inches from their abdomen area. Hormonal changes in women make it much harder for women to lose weight from their abdomen.

abdominal etching for men

Male Abdominal Etching

Abdominal Etching or Six-pack surgery is a procedure to enhance the contours and aesthetics of the abdomen. Ab etching is particularly famous and common among men because of the six-pack fitness trend. The surgery involves removing unwanted fat from the abdomen and giving sculpted and toned abs. Abdominal etching helps reveal the muscles hidden underneath a layer of fat cells on the abdomen. Many men find it hard to lose fat from the abdomen no matter how hard they train in the gym and how much weight they lose.

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