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Body Lifting Surgeries in Istanbul / Turkey

body lifting surgeries
tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck Treatment

Also known as Abdominoplasty, a Tummy Tuck surgery tightens weak abdominal muscles and removes excess skin. Tummy tucks are most common among women who go through C-sections for childbirth. C-sections may weaken abdominal muscles and cause a condition called Diastasis Recti. This condition causes a pouch on the lower belly made of excessive skin and fat. A tummy tuck removes excess abdominal fat and skin for a tighter and flatter tummy. It is also common among men and women who lose a lot of weight or undergo surgeries.

neck lift

Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty)

Medically known as Platysmaplasty, a neck lift is a procedure to tone and slim down your neck region. The surgery removes signs of aging such as loose skin, wrinkles, double chin, and fatty jowls on the platysma region of the neck. Platysma is a flat muscle found on the chest, neck, and facial region. Factors such as aging, weight gain, and poor posture lead to the accumulation of fat and excessive skin in this region. Platysmaplasty or a neck lift is meant to fix these issues and give you a tight and chiseled neckline.

arm lift surgery

Arm Lift

A Brachioplasty or Arm Lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery to tone and sculpt the upper arms. It improves the contours and aesthetics of the arms for thinner-looking arms. The surgery targets the loose and bulging skin on the upper back of the arms. This accumulation of fat and skin gives a displeasing appearance to the upper body. Many people find it hard to get rid of the loose skin on the upper arms by eating healthy and working out alone.

leg lengthening

Leg Lengthening

Osteotomy or leg lengthening surgery is a procedure to increase the length of the bones in the legs. The surgery works for people with short height and unequal leg bones as a birth defect or due to an injury. The surgery is no longer just a medical procedure but is also performed for cosmetic purposes. Leg lengthening as a cosmetic procedure is performed for adding a few inches to a person’s height. More men prefer this surgery than women because height is a noticeable feature in men.

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