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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

As the name suggests, a facelift is a surgical technique to lift and tighten a saggy face to take years away from your face. It is an invasive cosmetic procedure that can solve a lot of aging issues at once from deep smile lines to saggy cheeks. Also known as Rhytidectomy or meloplasty, facelifts are meant to transform your face and revive your lost confidence in your 40s and 50s. This procedure is not limited to women only and men too can get it to tighten their skin and look youthful.

eyelid surgery turkey

Eyelid Surgery

Also known as Blepharoplasty, Eyelid Surgery is a surgical procedure to improve signs of aging around the eyes. Due to aging, lifestyle habits, and other factors, our eyelids begin to sag and make us look older than we are. Eyelid surgery is a procedure to lift the eyelids and remove excess fat if needed. It is a mildly invasive procedure to lift and revive the eye area.

chin surgery turkey istanbul

Chin Surgery

Also known as Genioplasty or Menoplasty, Chin Surgery is a procedure that enhances and improves the appearance of your chin. The main purpose of this surgery is to improve facial aesthetics by reshaping and repositioning the chin. There are many reasons why a chin surgery is needed such as a receding/inward chin, double chin, turkey neck, protruding chin or a very small chin. All these issues impact your facial aesthetics and make you feel and look older.

prp treatment

PRP Treatment

PRP skin treatment is a medical procedure to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin. It is a cosmetic procedure that targets various signs of aging such as wrinkles, sun damage, lines, open pores, pigmentation, and dull skin. It brings a much-needed glow to your face by injecting your blood platelets into the skin. It is also known as a “vampire facial” in the cosmetic industry. The growth factor proteins in the blood platelets help the skin heal and look plump and younger.

bichectomy surgery


Popularly known as Buccal Fat Removal, a Bichectomy is a cosmetic procedure to change the appearance of your cheeks. Many people struggle with chubby cheeks that make them look heavier than they are. Bichectomy Surgery or Hollywood Cheeks is a comprehensive procedure that removes excess fat from the cheeks and enhances the facial contours. It gives your face a leaner and slimmer look with defined cheekbones.

almond eyes surgery

Almond Eyes

Popularly known as Almond Eye Surgery, Canthoplasty is a reconstructive cosmetic surgery to enhance your eye shape. The procedure focuses on tightening your lower eyelids and the outer corner of the eyes known as lateral canthus. It targets multiple signs of aging such as undereye bags, saggy eyelids, droopy eyes, crow’s feet, etc. Cathonplasty lifts your eyes in a way that they give an impression of “almond eyes” or “cat eyes”. Such eyes are considered a sign of beauty and charm.

eyebrow lifting

Eyebrow Lifting

A brow lift is an aesthetic procedure to lift your eyebrows and forehead. Droopy eyebrows tend to make the face look dull, tired, and older than it is. Brow lifting tightens the skin surrounding the eyebrow area and forehead reducing signs of aging dramatically. It gives your face a fresh and awake appearance while boosting your confidence. Brow lifting is among the most common cosmetic procedures because of its shorter healing time and the ability to show instant results.

double chin surgery

Double Chin

Also known as submental liposuction, a Double Chin Surgery is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat under your chin. A double chin is also called submental fat and can occur due to genetics, aging, and weight gain. This excess fat under the chin causes a double chin or gives a bulgy look to your neck and jawline. Double chin removal can be done in three surgical ways including Chin liposuction (lipo), Neck lift (lower rhytidectomy), and Chin tuck (submentoplasty). Surgeons recommend one of these procedures or a combination based on your goals.

nose aesthetics

Nose Aesthetics

More commonly known as a Nose Job, Rhinoplasty is a procedure to change the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty is an option for anyone who is unhappy with their nose or wants to improve their breathing. Rhinoplasty is often combined with Septoplasty, a procedure that addresses nasal septum abnormalities. Rhinoplasty works for anyone with a bent, crooked, or misaligned nose due to injury or genetics.

otoplasty surgery


Otoplasty or Prominent Ear Surgery is a plastic surgery to change your ears’ shape, size, and positioning. Otoplasty reshapes protruding or large ears and pins them back against the head. It is a straightforward and minor procedure that permanently changes the aesthetics of your ears. An ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who is bothered by the appearance of their ears and it affects their self-confidence. Otoplasty helps you regain your confidence with improved ear and facial aesthetics.

breast lift surgery

Breast Lift

In medical terms known as Mastopexy, Breast lifts are meant to give you perkier and shapely breasts. With age and life-changing situations such as pregnancy, your body changes and breasts tend to lose elasticity. As a result, your breasts look saggy and misshapen. Breast lifts are procedures for bringing firmness back to your breasts and improving their shape. They also help improve your overall body proportions, leading to a slimmer and firmer body.

breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Popularly known as a boob job, Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure for breast enlargement. It is one of the most common body aesthetic procedures for improving the aesthetics of your breasts. Breast enlargement can be done by fat transfer or breast implants in a Breast Augmentation procedure. Women with overly small breasts naturally or saggy breasts due to weight loss or pregnancy are excellent candidates for this procedure. It is an FDA-approved surgery for breast enlargement for reconstruction after breast cancer or to correct naturally small breasts.

breast reduction

Breast Reduction

Also known as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction is a surgery to reduce large breasts. In this procedure, doctors remove excess skin and tissue to reduce the size of the breasts. The procedure also involves reshaping the breasts and correcting their position for a smaller and firmer appearance. Extremely large breasts can cause several health problems and restrict physical activity. Postural issues, lower and upper back pain, and headaches are common complaints by women with large breasts.



Also known as “man boobs”, Gynecomastia is a non-cancerous overgrowth of breast tissue in males. It occurs due to imbalances in testosterone and estrogen. The breasts appear unusually large with noticeable swelling in this condition. It can occur in males of all ages at any stage of life but usually can be seen during infancy, puberty, and old age. The tissue overgrowth may occur in one or both breasts. Gynecomastia usually goes away on its own but in many cases, it does not and may require surgery or medication.

bbl surgery in turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift

Also called Butt Augmentation, a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is an aesthetic procedure to enlarge the buttocks. The surgery involves reshaping and enhancing the buttocks through liposuction. The fat transfer or fat grafting technique allows surgeons to transfer the fat from other areas of the body (abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs) to the buttocks. It increases the volume of fat in the buttock area resulting in a rounder and plumper bottom. The main aim of the surgery is to enhance the curves of your body and give you a well-rounded and curvaceous back side.

butt lift

Butt Lift

Also known as a Gluteal Lift, a Butt lift surgery enhances and improves the appearance of a butt. It is a suitable surgery for individuals with loss of volume and loose or excess skin in the buttock region. Aging, sun damage, weight fluctuations, and genetics can all contribute to sagging in the buttock area. A Butt Lift removes excess skin and lifts the gluteal tissues for a tighter and rounded butt. Sometimes surgeons also perform a fat transfer if the patient wants additional volume.

tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck

Also known as Abdominoplasty, a Tummy Tuck surgery tightens weak abdominal muscles and removes excess skin. Tummy tucks are most common among women who go through C-sections for childbirth. C-sections may weaken abdominal muscles and cause a condition called Diastasis Recti. This condition causes a pouch on the lower belly made of excessive skin and fat. A tummy tuck removes excess abdominal fat and skin for a tighter and flatter tummy. It is also common among men and women who lose a lot of weight or undergo surgeries.

neck lift

Neck Lift

Medically known as Platysmaplasty, a neck lift is a procedure to tone and slim down your neck region. The surgery removes signs of aging such as loose skin, wrinkles, double chin, and fatty jowls on the platysma region of the neck. Platysma is a flat muscle found on the chest, neck, and facial region. Factors such as aging, weight gain, and poor posture lead to the accumulation of fat and excessive skin in this region. Platysmaplasty or a neck lift is meant to fix these issues and give you a tight and chiseled neckline.

arm lift surgery

Arm Lift

A Brachioplasty or Arm Lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery to tone and sculpt the upper arms. It improves the contours and aesthetics of the arms for thinner-looking arms. The surgery targets the loose and bulging skin on the upper back of the arms. This accumulation of fat and skin gives a displeasing appearance to the upper body. Many people find it hard to get rid of the loose skin on the upper arms by eating healthy and working out alone.

leg lengthening

Leg Lengthening

Osteotomy or leg lengthening surgery is a procedure to increase the length of the bones in the legs. The surgery works for people with short height and unequal leg bones as a birth defect or due to an injury. The surgery is no longer just a medical procedure but is also performed for cosmetic purposes. Leg lengthening as a cosmetic procedure is performed for adding a few inches to a person’s height. More men prefer this surgery than women because height is a noticeable feature in men.

female abdominal treatment

Female Abdominal Etching

Six-pack surgery or abdominal etching for women is a cosmetic procedure to enhance a woman’s abdominal aesthetics. The surgery helps remove extra fat from the abdomen for better muscle definition. It works on bringing the hidden abdominal muscles to the surface by removing the excessive fat cells. Women too, just like men, struggle with losing inches from their abdomen area. Hormonal changes in women make it much harder for women to lose weight from their abdomen.

abdominal etching for men

Male Abdominal Etching

Abdominal Etching or Six-pack surgery is a procedure to enhance the contours and aesthetics of the abdomen. Ab etching is particularly famous and common among men because of the six-pack fitness trend. The surgery involves removing unwanted fat from the abdomen and giving sculpted and toned abs. Abdominal etching helps reveal the muscles hidden underneath a layer of fat cells on the abdomen. Many men find it hard to lose fat from the abdomen no matter how hard they train in the gym and how much weight they lose.

female genital surgery

Genital Surgery for Women

Cosmetic female genital surgery refers to various procedures for enhancing the aesthetics and function of the female genital. It includes several procedures including Labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, labia majora augmentation, vaginoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and G-spot amplification. A substantial increase has been seen in cosmetic female genital surgeries in the past few years.

male genital surgery

Genital Surgery for Men

Genital enhancement or genital surgery for men is a cosmetic procedure to improve the function and appearance of male genitalia. Male genital surgery treats various problems such as small length, girth issues, testicle placement, and premature erectile dysfunction. The surgery rejuvenates the genital area and improves your sex life. The procedure works for men who struggle with intimacy problems due to the anatomy of their genitals.

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