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As the term implies, a

Rhytidectomy (Facelift)

is a surgical method used to remove years from your face by lifting and tightening a sagging face. This invasive cosmetic treatment can address many aging concerns at once, such as sagging cheeks and deep smile lines. Facelifts, often referred to as rhytidectomy or meloplasty, are designed to rejuvenate your confidence and change the way your face looks in your 40s and 50s. Men can also get this process done to look younger and tighten their skin. It is not just for ladies.

eyelid surgery turkey

Another name for this procedure is blepharoplasty.

Surgery on the eyes

is a surgical technique that enhances the aging symptoms surrounding the eyes. Our eyelids start to droop with age, lifestyle choices, and other circumstances, giving us the appearance of being older than we actually are. Lifting the eyelids and, if necessary, removing extra fat is called eyelid surgery. This minimally invasive procedure tightens and revitalizes the region around the eyes.

chin surgery turkey istanbul

Referred to as Menoplasty or Genioplasty as well,

A Chin Procedure

is a process that makes your chin look better and more attractive. This procedure's primary goal is to relocate and reshape the chin in order to enhance facial attractiveness. Chin surgery may be required for a variety of causes, including a receding or inward chin, double chin, turkey neck, protruding chin, or extremely small chin. These problems all affect the aesthetics of your face and give you an aged appearance.

prp treatment

PRP Therapy

is a treatment used in medicine to increase the skin's production of collagen and elastin. It is a cosmetic surgery that focuses on a number of aging symptoms, including lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, open pores, and dull skin. Your face receives a much-needed radiance from the injection of your blood platelets into the skin. Within the cosmetic industry, it is also referred to as a "vampire facial." Blood platelets include growth factor proteins that aid in skin healing and youthful, plump appearance.

bichectomy surgery cost

Often referred to as "Buccal Fat Removal," this procedure Bichectomy is a cosmetic surgery that modifies your cheeks' appearance. Chubby cheeks that make one appear heavier than oneself are a common problem for many people. Hollywood Cheeks, also known as Bichectomy Surgery, is a complete surgery that improves the shape of the face by removing extra fat from the cheeks. It creates the illusion of a thinner, more defined cheekbone structure on your face.

almond eyes surgery cost turkey

Surgery on Almond Eyes

, A reconstructive cosmetic procedure called canthoplasty can improve the form of your eyes. The goal of the surgery is to tighten the lateral canthus, or outside corner, of your eyes, as well as your lower eyelids. It addresses a variety of aging symptoms, including crow's feet, drooping eyes, sagging eyelids, and undereye bags. With canthoplasia, your eyes are raised to resemble "cat eyes" or "almond eyes." These eyes are regarded as a symbol of charm and attractiveness.

eyebrow lifting cost turkey

Lifting of the Brows

and forehead. A face with drooping eyebrows often appears lifeless, worn out, and older than its actual age. By tightening the skin around the forehead and eyebrows, brow raising significantly lessens the appearance of aging. It increases your confidence and makes your face appear more alert and fresh. Brow lifting is among the most prevalent cosmetic treatments because of its faster healing time and the ability to demonstrate quick effects.

double chin surgery cost turkey

Surgery on Both Chins is a cosmetic surgery used to get rid of extra fat behind the chin. Submental fat, another name for a double chin, can develop as a result of aging, weight gain, and heredity. This extra fat behind the chin makes your jawline and neck appear chubby or gives you a double chin. Three surgical techniques are available for removing a double chin: neck lift (lower rhytidectomy), chin tuck (submentoplasty), and chin liposuction (lipo). Depending on your objectives, surgeons may suggest a combination of these operations or just one.

nose aesthetics cost turkey istanbul

Often referred to as a

The Look of the Nose

Work, A rhinoplastic treatment modifies the nose's form. Anyone who wants to improve their breathing or is dissatisfied with their nose can consider rhinoplasty. Septoplasty, a treatment for irregularities of the nasal septum, is sometimes combined with rhinoplasties. Rhinoplasty works for everyone with a bent, crooked, or misaligned nose due to injury or genetics.

otoplasty surgery


or Prominent Ear Surgery is a type of plastic surgery used to alter the size, shape, and location of your ears. Large or bulging ears are reshaped and pinched down against the head during an otoplasty. It's a simple, basic operation that alters the appearance of your ears forever. Someone who feels self-conscious about the way their ears look would be a great candidate for this operation. Your confidence might be restored with otoplasty thanks to its improved facial and ear attractiveness.

breast lift surgery cost turkey istanbul

Medically referred to as Mastopexy,

Heightened Forms

are made to increase the volume and form of your breasts. As you get older and go through life-changing experiences like giving birth, your body changes and your breasts usually become less supple. As a result, your breasts seem deformed and sagging. Breast lifts are procedures used to improve the form and firmness of your breasts. They also help to improve the overall proportions of your body, which leads to a smaller and tighter physique.

Breast Augmentation cost turkey istanbul

Expanded Breasts

is a surgical procedure for breast augmentation. It is one of the most widely utilized body aesthetic procedures to improve breast attractiveness. Breast augmentation techniques entail fat transfer or breast implants to increase the breasts. This procedure is appropriate for people with naturally small breasts or sagging breasts from pregnancy or weight loss. This FDA-approved technique enlarges the breasts as a reconstructive measure after breast cancer, or to make up for naturally small breasts.

Breast Reduction cost Turkey Istanbul

Reduced Breast Size

is a procedure to cut down on big breasts. To smaller the breasts, doctors remove extra skin and tissue throughout this treatment. To create the illusion of smaller, firmer breasts, the surgery also entails contouring and positioning the breasts. Excessively big breasts can limit physical activity and lead to a number of health issues. Women with big breasts sometimes complain of headaches, postural problems, and lower and upper back pain.

Gynecomastia cost turkey istanbul


is an excess of breast tissue in men that is not malignant. It happens as a result of estrogen and testosterone abnormalities. In this condition there is obvious swelling and the breasts appear abnormally enormous. Although it can happen to guys at any age, it is most commonly observed in the early stages of childhood, adolescence, and old age. One or both breasts may experience tissue overgrowth. Gynecomastia typically goes away on its own, but in many situations it doesn't and may need to be treated with medicine or surgery.

bbl surgery in turkey

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

, sometimes known as "butt augmentation," is a cosmetic treatment used to increase the buttocks. The procedure entails contouring and improving the buttocks using liposuction. Surgeons can transfer fat to the buttocks from other parts of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs, using a procedure called fat transfer or fat grafting. It causes the buttock region's fat volume to expand, giving the bottom a rounder, plumper appearance. Enhancing your body's natural curves and giving you a well-rounded, curvy back side is the major goal of the procedure.

Butt Lift Cost Turkey Istanbul

Butt Lift

A butt's look can be enhanced and improved with surgery. For those with volume loss and loose or extra skin in the buttock area, this procedure is appropriate. Genetics, aging, sun exposure, and weight changes are all factors that might cause buttock drooping. A butt lift makes the butt tighter and more rounded by removing extra skin and lifting the gluteal tissues. If a patient requests more volume, surgeons will occasionally additionally do a fat transfer.

Tummy Tuck surgery cost turkey istanbul

This procedure is also referred to as an abdominoplasty.Surgery for Tummy Tucks strengthens the weak abdominal muscles and gets rid of extra skin. The majority of women who undergo stomach tucks do so after C-sections for childbirth. Diastasis Recti is a disorder where abdominal muscles deteriorate as a result of C-sections. This illness results in an excess of skin and fat to form a pouch on the lower abdomen. For a tighter and more attractive stomach, a tummy tuck eliminates extra skin and fat from the abdomen. It is also typical in both men and women who have major weight loss or surgical procedures.

neck lift surgery cost turkey

Also referred to as Platysmaplasty in medicine, a

Neck Lift is a process to firm and trim the area around your neck. During the procedure, aging-related features such loose skin, wrinkles, a double chin, and fatty jowls on the platysma area of the neck are removed. A flat muscle located on the chest, neck, and face is called the platysma. Age, weight gain, and bad posture are among of the factors that cause this area to become overly skinned and fatty. These problems can be resolved by platysmaplasty or a neck lift, which will give you a taut and sculpted neckline.

arm lift surgery cost turkey istanbul

Arm Lift

surgery is a type of cosmetic procedure used to sculpt and tone the upper arms. It makes the arms appear slimmer by enhancing their attractiveness and shape. The loose and protruding skin on the upper back of the arms is the goal of the procedure. This buildup of skin and fat makes the upper body appear unattractive. Many people find it difficult to lose the loose skin on their upper arms even with a good diet and solitary exercise regimen.

Leg Lengthening cost in turkey istanbul

Osteotomy orLengthening of Legs

Surgery is the process of making the bones in the legs longer. People with low stature and uneven leg bones as a result of an injury or congenital abnormality can benefit from the surgery. Today, cosmetic surgery is performed in addition to being a medical operation. Leg lengthening is a cosmetic operation used to give someone's height an extra few inches. Because men are more recognizable for their height than women, more men than women desire this procedure.

Female Abdominal Treatment

Six-pack surgery or Abdominal Etching for Women

is a cosmetic operation used to improve the appearance of a woman's abdomen. The procedure aids in the abdominal fat's removal for improved muscle definition. By eliminating the superfluous fat cells, it helps to reveal the abdominal muscles that are buried. Like males, women often struggle to shed inches from their belly area. Women's hormonal swings make it far more difficult for them to reduce belly fat.

Abdominal etching for men

Men's Abdominal Etching

or Six-pack surgery is a technique to enhance the shapes and attractiveness of the abdomen. Men are especially known for and frequently have ab etchings because to the six-pack fitness craze. The procedure results in toned and sculpted abs by eliminating extra belly fat. Abdominal etching helps show the muscles hidden behind a layer of fat cells on the abdomen. No matter how hard they workout in the gym or how much weight they shed, many men struggle to lose belly fat.

Female Genital surgery

Female Orgasm

refers to a range of operations designed to improve the female genital's appearance and functionality. It entails a number of operations, including as vaginoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, labia majora augmentation, clitoral hood reduction, and G-spot amplification. Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of cosmetic female genital procedures performed.

Male Genital surgery

Male Sexual Reconstruction

is a cosmetic operation used to enhance the appearance and functionality of the male genitalia. Male genital surgery addresses a range of conditions, including small stature, circumference concerns, testicle location, and early erectile dysfunction. Your sex life is enhanced and the genital area is rejuvenated after the procedure. For males whose genital anatomy causes them to struggle with intimacy issues, the surgery is effective.

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